Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

RND is committed to environmental stewardship – every project will have as a minimum standard the following green initiatives, at no additional cost to our clients:
  • Donating materials to Habitat for Humanity or for reuse.

  • Recycling waste, where possible.

  • Using eco-friendly materials, e.g. low-VOC paints, recycled materials such as drywall, etc.
  • Choosing energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, etc.
  • Improving insulation and air tightness above standard.
  • Using durable materials and construction detailing.
  • Using locally produced materials, where feasible (within 500 miles of Ottawa).
  • Air-washing the finished space to remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and airborne particles.

    The following are green initiatives available at a minimum cost to our clients:

    green world is in your hands
    • Programmable thermostat

    • Sealing of duct work.

    • Solar-ready piping.

    • LED light fixtures.

    • Radon gas venting.

    • Charger outlet for electric vehicles.

    • Ultra-low plumbing fixtures.

    • Drain water heat recovery.

    • Carbon monoxide sensor and venting in garage.