RND Construction has been building custom homes for more than 30 years. We have won awards for nearly every one of them.

We know the choices can be overwhelming when you’re in the process of building your own custom home. But our team at RND Construction guides you throughout the entire journey. The idea of your home is born from initial concept to completion. We love creating it with you.

We bring sustainability with style to all our clients’ homes. Building beautiful homes and an inherent respect for our planet are at the core of who we are.

We continue looking for land to build future custom homes.
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Our priorities

There are priorities every homeowner needs to think about before beginning the process of building a custom home. Each home’s design, green features, sustainability, and indoor air quality are RND’s priorities throughout the design and building process.

When you chose RND Construction, you have a solid partner.

Building your dream home involves many factors, so having a strong and cohesive team from the very beginning results in a superior quality home.

Building your custom home

How it works

We pride ourselves as an award-winning builder. We strive to ensure all homeowners receive a positive and special experience when they build their custom home with RND. We establish long-lasting relationships with our homeowners, and their custom homes become references for future clients.

See what the 5-step building plan looks like for you below.

Picture of custom home by RND Construction

Your vision

When you first contact us, we schedule the first meeting with you so we can understand your vision for your home. We want to know your desired style, size, budget, and level of energy efficiency.


Next, we connect you with an architect/designer whom we feel best meets your needs, or we work with one you have already chosen.





We assemble the rest of the project team, and so begins a highly collaborative process. We set goals, establish a budget, create a schedule, and, early in the design process, we begin the selection of finishes. 


Throughout it all, we keep you involved and up to date. Following safety protocols, we do a framing walkthrough with you and also a rough-in walkthrough to review electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and any other special features.




When your home is complete, we meet with you again for a walkthrough for a demonstration of all systems in your home. A month later, we have another walkthrough so you can ask further questions related to your HVAC and other systems.

Your own custom home?

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