Environment Sustainability

Today the world is facing many environmental challenges. Natural resources are scarce, global warming needs to be tackled, and well-known sources of energy are being depleted. Meanwhile, there is a need to meet essential human needs for a healthy, comfortable indoor climate. RND seeks to respond to these needs.

With each project, we strive to meet present needs without compromising the future. RND has met this challenge of ensuring the three pillars of sustainability – economics, society and environment.

Using optimal innovative systems that will work in our green homes, RND’s goal is to advance the awareness and science behind sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

Environment Sustainability

Homes by RND will be built with three key principles of the environmental portion of the design:

  • Healthy Comfort

    Homes by RND create healthier and more comfortable indoor conditions for the occupants, ensuring a generous supply of daylight and fresh air. Materials have a neutral impact on comfort and indoor climate.
  • Positive Energy

    Homes by RND are energy-efficient and easy to operate with innovations that exceed the norm of our housing market. The building envelope will be airtight with insulation levels above the building code.
  • Minimum impact

    Homes by RND combine a wide range of technologies, strategies, products and techniques designed to reduce the homes’ environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

In short, we have taken on this challenge so we can design and build homes that will improve our clients’ lives. These homes will:

  • Be durable
  • Save energy costs now
  • Hedge against increasing energy costs
  • Have a higher resale value