Green Building Ottawa

Integrated Design Process – Working Together for a Greener Tomorrow!

One unique aspect of Green Building is that it is a commitment that begins with the very first elements of design and follows through all the way to the final details of construction. And so, for sustainable design build projects to be as efficient and successful as possible, it is essential that all the players along the way are given the opportunity to help with the planning long before the ground is ever broken.

At RND Construction, our 32 years of sustainable construction experience has taught us how to build not just buildings, but also talented and committed consultant teams who can help you bring your visions to life, one step at a time. The fact is, if you want your building to be as eco-friendly and energy efficient as it can be, the greatest opportunity to make positive decisions and design changes is very early on in the preliminary design stage. If you wait until blueprints are done to bring in your construction contractor, it may be too late to make some valuable changes and improvements.

This is why we strongly advocate using what’s referred to as the Integrated Design Process (IDP) when undertaking these kinds of projects. The IDP focuses on involving all important stakeholders in the planning of the entire build from day one; that means the owner (you), the architect (bring in your own or we can recommend one), the engineers and of course, us (the General Contractor), all sit down to collaborate and ensure we build the most efficient and green building possible.

RND Construction has been a part of several very successful IDP projects around the city of Ottawa and we stand behind the efficacy of the approach. We urge you to consider employing this process the next time you embark on a Green Building project.

Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help put all the pieces in place!