RND Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2016

What’s New with RND

The RND team has been very busy this summer and we are excited to announce the completion of the renovation “Stairway 2 Haven” in conjunction with Ha2 Architectural Design, located in Hintonburg neighbourhood.

In addition to our existing builds and renovations, our Phoenix Project in Westboro is entering the framing stage. We also commenced work on a new custom home in the Glebe and breaking ground on our second home at Riverpark Green. All three homes will be certified R2000*.

We would like to send out a huge “thank you” to all who participated or contributed in this year’s 12th Annual Canadian Diabetes Charity Golf Tournament, which raised over $20,000.

Central Air Conditioners – Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioners are designed to cool the entire house. The large compressor and outdoor coil are located outside of the home and are coonected by refrigerant lines to the indoor coil mounted in the furnace or air handler.

Filter and coil maintenance can have a dramatic impact on the system performace and service life. Dirty filters reduce airflow through the system. This reduction of air flow decreases system efficiency and capacity. Clean/replace the air filter located at the furnace/air handler at least once every season.

The outdoor coil should be vacuumed or brushed clean (careful not to damage the fins) to clear it of dirt, leaves and grass clippings. It can also be carefully washed with a garden hose.

If after attending to filter maintenance and coil cleaning, your central air conditioner does not appear to be doing its job, have it serviced by an HVAC professional. A small loss of refrigerant can cause a significant drop in efficiency.

The indoor thermostat should be set somewhere in the range on 22-25ºC, depending on your comfort level. A setting at the higher end of the range will result in low energy cost. If the humidity level is low, temperature setting can be at higher end without discomfort.

Seasonal Tips

RND would like to remind our clients and associates of the following seasonal maintenance information:

  • Air out a damp basement on dry days or use a dehumidifier;
  • Check exterior finishes and wood for deterioration;
  • Check and replace the furnace filter;
  • Clean air conditioning unit filters in air handling unit;
  • Check caulking and weather-stripping, including around entry door from garage and house;
  • Pressure-wash home to remove dirt, stains and mould from siding, garage floors, fences and driveways;
  • Check basement floor drain trap (fill trap with water if needed);
  • Clean out gutters and make sure they aren’t corroded or disconnected;
  • Prune back tree branches & shrubs that are too close to the house;
  • Inspect roof shingles for any damages;
  • Water the lawn in the early morning and late evening, and only cut the tops to avoid burning your grass;
  • Clean HRV filters and check/clean the outdoor intake (if applicable)

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