RND Quarterly – 2015 Summer

We are proud to announce we have been named finalist in three categories for the 2015 Ontario Home Builders Association Awards of Distinction. In the renovations section along with Christopher Simmonds Architect for “Double Decker Deck” in “Most Outstanding Renovation”, in the architectural design section with John Donkin for “Urban Green” in “Most Outstanding Custom Home “, and in the prestige awards section “OHBA Ontario Renovator of the Year”. We have also completed two of our recent renovation projects on Fairmeadow Crescent as well as one of the two on Revelstoke Drive.

We will also be breaking ground on Riverpark Green in a few weeks as the building permit has been received.

Understanding Your House as a System

Your home is a system of connected components that are designed to provide an efficient and comfortable living space and maintain good indoor air quality.

I recently visited my sister’s home in Toronto, where my brother-in-law was proud to show me his handiwork – a new basement bathroom. The problem was that he disconnected and removed the HRV that caused a headroom problem for his bathroom renovation. I also visited a 25-year-old home in Ottawa where the HRV was never operational; the owner claimed he didn’t know the “purpose of the box”.

When your home was built, each component was normally commissioned and verified that it was designed, constructed and calibrated to operate as intended. The calibration part should re-commission on a regular basis.

Questions you should ask yourself:
  • Is your furnace operating at the efficiency it is designed for?
  • Is your programmable thermostat set properly?
  • Have you checked your sump-pump recently?

If you are not handy and cannot diagnose or maintain components of your home, hire a professional.

Seasonal Tips

RND would like to remind our clients and associates of the following seasonal maintenance information:

  • Air out a damp basement on dry days, or use a dehumidifier;
  • Check exterior finishes and wood for deterioration;
  • Check and replace your furnace filter;
  • Clean air conditioning unit filters in air handling unit;
  • Check caulking and weather-stripping, including around entry door from garage and house;
  • Pressure-wash home to remove dirt, stains and mould from siding, garage floors, fences and driveways;
  • Check basement floor drain trap; replenish if needed;
  • Clean out gutters and make sure they aren’t corroded or disconnected;
  • Prune back tree branches & shrubs that are too close to the house;
  • Inspect your roof shingles for any damages;
  • Water the lawn in the early morning and late evening, and only cut the tops to avoid burning your grass;
  • Clean HRV filters and check/clean the outdoor intake (if applicable);
  • Check water heaters for leaks;
  • Inspect driveways and walkways;
  • Check and test smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors.

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